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Sunday, May 20, 2012

YAB Najib says Malaysian students should take advantage of the enormous opportunities working abroad

Today, YAB Najib says Malaysian students should take advantage of the enormous opportunities working abroad.
But, he must create a conducive atmosphere such as promotion, so that experts are encouraged to return.


At 8:51 AM, Blogger KoSong Cafe said...

Yes, we should take advantage of them at our own costs and be expected to come back and help our own country.

I have just read the headline BN does not practise racial discrimination, so said Ismail Sabri (could not get in the site, so could be unrelated to this), and which we have heard enough of from other BN leaders. If we believe this, we believe anything.

For an average family, sending someone for overseas studies may cost a few hundred thousands Ringgit. Only if he managed to get work after graduation could he start recouping from his parents' 'investment'. The parents have to forgo buying better car or property for themselves.

As national policy, what any fair-minded person expect is a fair policy in choosing who should be given the chance of government scholarships. It was most surprising when we hear cases of govt scholars who came back but told there were no vacancies for them! There exists discrimination at the points of selection for scholarship, job vacancy as well as career advancement.

On the other hand, Malaysians could get foreign scholarships (some with no strings attached) and they could get jobs because of their exposure. How would they feel about coming back to work, knowing the endless problems in our local environment?

For whatever reasons for not applying for local scholarships, we feel better knowing that someone else had been given the opportunity instead. But will those who could well afford but took advantage of their connections feel a bit of shame instead?

One of the reasons for not coming back to work is not wanting to put oneself in a hostile environment despite official welcome. Just imagine, despite all the goodies like 2 APs to bring back 2 cars, favourable income tax of maximum 15%, and so on.


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