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Monday, April 06, 2015

Will Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2015, be abused?

I said in Parliament:
A nation needs draconian laws to deal with bad people such as muktajilah, deviation from true religion. I hope the Government will review Article 4, Procedure before Magistrate, and Article 13, Power to order detention and restriction, in the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2015 (POTA).
     Will POTA be abused? I reminded the Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid that not so long ago the Government promised to repeal the Sedition Act, 1948. But it has not kept the promise.
     The Internal Security Act, 1960, had been abused. It was to fight the Communists. In this House at this moment, Gelang Patah and I were detained under ISA. Tunku Abdul Rahman said: " My Cabinet colleagues and I gave a solemn promise to Parliament and the nation that the immense powers given to the Government under the ISA, 1960, would never be used to stifle legitimate opposition and silence lawful dissent."
     The minister replied that Tunku was speaking to the Opposition. ISA was used to detain people who disturbed public order. When he was leader of UMNO Youth, he was also detained under ISA. Having been rehabilitated, he is a minister.



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