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Friday, February 01, 2013

Frog Virtual Learning Environment

MP for Kepong Dr Tan Seng Giaw calls on the Education Ministry toexplain to the people the purpose of erecting tall electric poles within state schoolboundary to avoid misunderstanding.

Many Malaysians are suspicious of tall electric poles, big cablesand large aerial discs. They are afraid of radioactivity.

On 1.2.13, Dr Tan issues a statement after investigating thecomplaint from residents about the tall electric pole within the La Salle primaryschool in Jinjang North
There are about 10,000 schools in Malaysia. In the past year, tallmetal poles have been appearing within state schools. This week, after seeing atall pole within the La Salle school in Jinjang North and the Tamil School inTaman Sri Segambut, residents are anxious to know whether these have anythingto do with aerials for a private hand-phone company.

After discussion with La Salle school and 1 BistariNet, we havebeen told that the company has been appointed by the Education Ministry toprovide high-speed 4G mobile Internet and Frog Virtual Learning Environment for10,000 schools. We have heard the ideals of access to world-standard learningtools, transforming education, integrated learning solution and equipping thefuture generation. We follow up, wanting to know if these ideals are seen inreality. We look for evidence of the world-standard education.

The Education Ministry should explain to the people as tall polesare erected within schools to ally their fear of radioactivity.


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