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Sunday, June 01, 2014

White cranes

It is important to protect the environment. This includes proper ways of dealing with Malaysian white cranes. They congregate in areas where they can find food such as fish and worms. One of the areas is in Jinjang North, in particular around the solid waste (rubbish) transfer station at Taman Beringin.
     White cranes compete with crows at sites with rotting rubbish full of worms and foul odour. They perch on trees, not only those near the transfer station but also on tall trees in Jinjang North, like those along Jalan Jinjang Permai 3. While environmentalists are happy with the thriving cranes, residents in the area live with bird droppings and feathers. Birds carry diseases.
     The Kuala Lumpur City Hall needs to prune the trees on which white cranes perch to reduce their droppings and feathers that interfere with daily human life. The Solid Waste Management Department must deal with the foul odour effectively and the Environment Department must help the white cranes.


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