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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Always fight drug abuse and trafficking

Drug problem is universal. It is complicated.
     Renters reported an estimate of 350, 000 drug addicts in 2012 in Malaysia. It may rise to 500, 000 in 2015.
     We must always fight against drug abuse and trafficking.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Government and Incinerators

Ministers, state executive councillors and officials have visited countries such as Japan and Korea to look at their technology to handle solid waste such as an incinerator. They have spent public fund. Returning to Malaysia, they must have suggestions to deal with rubbish in our country.
     People in some countries segregate their waste such as food, paper,plastic and garden waste. Most Malaysians don't.
     In July and early this month, Local Government Minister and his deputy promised to see the people and me on the project to build a rubbish incinerator at Taman Beringin, Kepong. The Prime Minister announced the project in March 2012. The people are in the dark.
      Since the Local Government Ministry has not met and informed the people, they hear news. For example, once Datuk Seri Najib has decided to build a RM800 million incinerator in Kepong, the minister must please him and make sure that it is implemented. They are reminded that, over 70 years ago, once Hitler ordered the construction of incinerators to burn thousands of human beings, nobody stopped his order.
     People want to know many questions. For example, is the Government committed to buy old model, to burn 1000 tonnes of rubbish a day? Will the incinerator last only 15 years whereas Bukit Tagar, the sanitary landfilled site, will take 3000 tonnes of rubbish from Kuala Lumpur for 60 years? What is the cost of tipping and maintenance? Will the detailed environment impact assessment (DEIA) be done before or after installation of the incinerator?